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Reload a field on the back end

  • Hi,
    I have a custom field “Brand” (radio button) and a second one “models” (select).
    I am loading a custom js when editing or creating a custom post.
    When i click on a brand i populate the models field with AJAX changing directly the HTML which is causing some problems afterwards .

    is there any way to re-load the field and change it’s [choice] parameter
    pretty much like we would do it with “acf/load_field” but it must happened when a brand is clicked and without reloading the page.

    thanks in advance

  • Hi @l.pirondini

    Currently, ACF v4 does not offer any back-end functions to render out a field.
    Perhaps the easiest way is for your AJAX to return JSON data of all the new choices, and then you can append the choices via JS?


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