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Relationships between content

  • I’m trying to better understand how content relationships work. Let’s see if I have this right.

    Setup: two content types. For example, locations and doctors.

    Using relationships, I can display a location page and list all doctors at that location. Or I could display a doctor page and show the location he/she is at.

    Now say I have a bunch of taxonomies tied to the doctor content type. So for each doctor, I have a category-like taxonomy and check off his/her specialty. So Doctor Bob is a dermatologist and works in Location 1.

    My question is: on the index page for locations, is it possible to filter the locations by taxonomies tied to the doctors? In other words, could I have a dropdown on the locations index page for doctor specialties taxonomy, choose “dermatology” and then have it narrow the choices down to only Location 1 (because that’s where Doctor Bob works and that’s his specialty, although there is nothing in the Locations type itself that ties it to dermatology)?

  • You have it right. See if these help you nail it down: (the middle bit)

    You may want to do something like getting all of the specialties of only the doctors at that particular location instead of displaying unavailable specialties and bumming people out! this should get you close.

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