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Relationship set-up

  • Hello to all. I would like some advice from the experts here about the correct way to setup an ACF custom field to make it do what I need. Let me explain my issue. I have a CPT that contains Movies. I have another CPT that contains Theaters. This CPT is set as Hierarchical so that one Theater can have many cinema rooms set as its children…

    So what I need is a custom field for Movies, probably a Relationship one, where I would be able to choose a specific theater cinema room, AND for it set a specific starting hour…

    Ie, for movie Finding Nemo, choose Ster Cinemas – Cinema 2 AND be able to set an hour like 17:00 for that entry. Then, for the same movie, even be able to choose the same cinema room but for another time. So it’s not just many-to-many relationship, but let’s say many-to-many”-to-many”, if you understand what I mean.

    Is that possible? Thanks in advance for your answer!

  • OK, I found it myself! All I needed was ACF Pro, and its Repeater field where I’d set up three more fields: Cinema (a Relationship to Theater), a Time picker, and a Multi-date picker!

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