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Relationship – related post excerpt

  • I am new to support forum and need help with the following code:

    At the end of my posts I’m intending to display x3 related_posts. Everything works Ok apart from the_excerpt. The except text displays wrong but links correctly to the post.

    $posts = get_field('related_posts' );
    if( $posts) {
    echo '<h1>Further Reading</h1>';
    echo '<ul class="Further Reading">';
    foreach( $posts as $related_posts ): // Open foreach loop
    echo '<li> <a href="' . get_the_permalink( $related_posts->ID ) . '">';
    echo '<h3>' . get_the_title( $related_posts->ID ) . '</h3>';
    echo '' . the_excerpt( $related_posts->ID ) . '
    echo '</ul>'; // close list item
    endforeach; //close foreach loop
    echo '</ul>';
    wp_reset_postdata(); //Restore original Post Data

    Please help, many thanks

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