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Relationship picker just spins

  • Unfortunately, when I upgraded my site to SSL in order to comply with Google’s new requirements, whenever I go into a page in the Admin Console, the relationship objects don’t load a list of choices any more. It just spins the “Loading” icon forever.

    Following advice in other posts I read, I turned on WP_DEBUG but was not able to find any errors in the AJAX. (This could be my lack of experience with the process, I’ll admit)

    Has anyone else experience this? I’m running Version 4.4.11 on WP 4.8.1 with a Theme I developed myself, if any of that helps.

    Thanks everyone!

  • Sorry – False alarm!

    I was tinkering with a custom shortcode and somehow WP ended up returning the results of that instead of the list of posts. Very weird!

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