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Relationship Objects in Trash not displayed

  • Hello,

    i have a problem with relationship objects not showing in the input field if the related object has the “trash” status.

    As a solution i tried to use the result and query filters, but it seems to only affect the ajax call when searching inside the field.

    How can i show a related object in the field, even when it’s currently in trash. This is needed so relationships can be displayed and removed.


  • Bump. Still looking for help for this.

  • Hi SeraphDesign, did you manage to find a solution ?

    Trying to do the same thing …

    Thanks in advance

  • I’m not sure why you need to display the relationships and remove them. If they are in the trash they should be removed from the relationship field the next time the post is edited and these trashed posts should not be returned when getting the field or querying posts.

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