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Relationship fields on front-end issue

  • Hello there,
    I’m trying to create a template with front-end form.
    First of all, I call acf_form_head().
    In this form, I have 2 relationship fields.

    I tried to display only one of those relation fields in the form, or both of them, I always have the same issue…
    The console tells me : “TypeError: t.getBoundingClientRect is not a function”,
    and my relation field(s) are not working : the first one is displaying the posts list as it’s supposed to be, but post items are not clickable/selectable.
    The second field just display the grey rectangle but nothing of my posts inside…

    Any idea ?
    Thanks !

  • You likely have a JavaScript conflict somewhere or a script is not loaded when it should be. You need to figure out why your getting the error. Disable other plugins to see if you can clear up the issue. Try it on a different theme.

  • Thanks a lot, it was an error about jQuery loading…

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