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Relationship field showing "No matches found" with WPML

  • Hi

    I have a similar problem as described here.

    Wordpress 6.1.1 – latest
    ACF Pro 6.0.7 – latest
    WooCommerce 7.4.1 – latest
    WPML Multilingual CMS 4.5.14 – latest

    I have an options-page where I can set a featured prodct and some selected bestsellers. This fields are done with ACF Post Object for the featured product and with ACF Relationship for the bestsellers.

    Main problem is, that my page is multilingual but not the products. the products are in german only. For this I have set the “Post Type Translation” in WPML for the Post-Type product to “Translatable – use translation if availlable or fallback to default language”. With this setting I can reach my products in all languages even though thea are not translated.

    Now on my options-page I can select products on my default language (german).
    When I change to another language (En and Fr) there ist a message that says “No matches found” and I am not able to choose products for that Post Type.

    What am I missing?
    Does anyone has an idea where to search and what I can try to select products made in another language?

    best regards

  • I may have a solution by adding duplicates for all my products. That seems to be an easy way to resolve that.

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