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Relationship field posts capacity

  • I’m trying to build a email newsletter plugin using ACF. I have 2 custom post types: email and and email templates. One email can contain multiple email templates. I’m using the relationship field on the email custom post type to find all email templates. The idea is the user will search for and pick the templates they created using the relationship field.

    The issue is as it’s a weekly email newsletter and around 10-15 templates will get created per week. The number of email template posts will be in the hundreds after 1 year and over 1000 after 2 years.

    Has anyone used the relationship field for large numbers of posts? Does it limit the number displayed if they (for example) get to over 100 posts? I’m hoping 1 to 2 years down the line that users will still be able to find the email templates using the search box on the relationship field relatively quickly.

  • I have a client I just created a site for with a products CPT that has a related products field. They have nearly 800 products and all of them are listed… in a “more” sorta way. When you scroll to the bottom of the current list the next few are loaded. The search works perfectly and loads pretty quickly.

    I would suggest that you also create a custom taxonomy for your email templates that allows the email templates to be sorted into “categories”. I’d probably name the taxonomy ’email-template-types’ 🙂 In the future, when there are 1000’s or templates this may help the users find them faster.

  • Thanks that answered my question. Funnily enough I have already created a custom taxonomy for my email templates so I should be sorted there. Cheers for the advice 🙂

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