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Relationship field posts, based on post tag

  • Hey everyone,

    I want to create a relationship field that will display posts based on a certain tag. So far as I can see, the only option is to display posts based on a certain category.

    I’m aiming to display a relationship field on a page with all posts in it with the same tag name. Does anyone have an idea how to achieve that?

    Please let me know!

  • I just did some testing on this. Make sure that you’ve populated your tag taxonomy withe some tag names. After doing that the ability to select tags becomes available.

  • Did you really manage to get a relationship field with posts with a certain tag name? It’s not working for me

  • Hey,

    Yes, unless I’m misunderstanding what you’re attempting to do. Here is a screen shot of creating a relationship field and selecting Tag.

    Please let me know if I’ve got this wrong.

  • Thanks John, you’re right.
    The screenshot is exactly what I need.
    But I don’t get the option to choose between tag names.

  • ACF uses the wp function get_terms() so any filters that effect the results of this function will effect what is listed by ACF.

    Can you search your plugins and theme?

    Do you have any function filters on the following WP hooks, especially any filters that deal with “post_tag”. These are listed from most likely suspects to least.


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