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Relationship field not populating.

  • Hey there,

    I’m running into a weird issue with the relationship field not being populated.

    I set up a bunch of CPTs that each reference each other by means of relationship fields. All was good and running smoothly.

    Then the WP multisite environment on which my blog runs apparently was updated (to WP 4.01). The relationship fields stopped populating. Already set values are shown correctly on the right, but no list on the left.

    I updated to ACF 5 Pro and also updated the DB. The relationship fields are still not populating. So I created a new relationship field within the same Field Group, pointing to the same CPT. It doesn’t populate either, except – and here it get’s funky – when I match Label and Name on the newly created field, both fields within the field group get populated. But: The search never returns anything, no matter if I punch in the ID, title, whatever.

    Relationship field’s settings:
    Relationship field's settings

    Any help would be much appreciated!

  • Are you still having problems with this? The newest version of ACF, both 4 & 5 have had changes made to be compatible with WP 4.3. This is just a guess, but it may have something to do with this.

    Not sure you can do this, but you should also try to deactivate other plugins and change themes to make sure there’s not some other incompatibility going on.

  • Hey John,

    thanks for your reply! I’m still running into the issue. I did some testing on a different sub-site within the same environment. The relationship field works as expected there. It seems it’s indeed a compatibilty-issue with the theme (which I wrote). So I’m trying to figure out where I’m altering the WP default behavior in a way that would prevent the relationship field’s search from working.

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