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Relationship field, Nextgen gallery post type

  • Hi,

    ACF is a grey plugin, I am currently using it to set up a video game data base and can add various fields like developer, publisher, release date and even related posts.

    One feature I really need howver is ability to display related screenshots.

    The relationship field has the option to filter by post type > Nextgen gallery, but the galleries show up in the list as untitled next gen gallery(draft), then there is the problem of actually getting them to display on the tempalte.

    Is it possible to have the filter by post type next gen gallery working properly? and then it is possible to display the gallery on the template?

    I had a look at the Gallery field which is available in ACF pro, which I would be interested in, but $49 dollars per year for one ffeature is not something I am willing to spend, particularly given the current climate. My site is a small hobbys ite and makes no money.

    I see there is also a plugin for gallery field at a lower price, which I am very interested in but not sure if it works with latest free ACF version (version 5.8.9.)

    Thanks for your help.

  • Hi,

    I’m looking for the same now.
    Did you get any respons or did you find another solution?


  • The next gen plugin probably does not use the post title, but ACF gets the post title to display the post in a relationship field. You would need to figure out what in next gen is the title, most likely some custom field associated with that post type and then use an acf/fields/relationship/result filter to alter what ACF shows.

    More than likley, in order to display the gallery you will need construct a sortcode based on the post selected and then call do_shortcode().

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