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  • Hello,

    example: I have a relationship field where user can select posts from a custom post type with the name “shops”.
    Every page in the cpt “shops” have five links (five different custom fields). my goal is it, that the backend users can first choose which pages of “shops” are displayed and in the next step they should choose which type of link. In best case the choose of the link work exactly like the relationship field, i see the five links (custom fields which are assigned with the cpt “shops”) and can select which link i need.

    Is it possible? Many thanks in advance!

  • Not exactly sure what you’re looking for. Let’s see if I can explain it.

    You have a custom post type called shops and the posts of this post type have custom fields for choosing links.

    You have a custom field field on pages that allows the selection of a post from the shops post type.

    You want to also be able to choose which of the links from the related shop to display on the page?

    If I have this right, no, this is not possible without a significant amount of custom coding.

  • Hi Christian,

    Just wondering, are you trying to build something like a mega menu?

    Seems like the simplest way to achieve this would be to create a CPT for the custom links as well and then using the relationship field in the two places.

    And then you can make it easier for people to search+select the links in the relationship field by assigning taxonomy terms to them if that’s possible.

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