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Relational field as a widget

  • Hi,

    I’ve created a custom post type Grapes and one that is Regions

    In WooCommerce I have wines as a product. I created a field group “Wine” which, among others, has 2 relational fields: one which enables me to select grape posts and which enables me to select region posts.

    Now, when I’m in the shop page, I’d like to have a widget that enables me to selects some grape or some region and that would select all the wines with that grape or coming from that region? Ultimately, I’d like that widget to show an autocomplete field.

    Can this be done with the PRO version?
    If not, what are the best tactics that I can use?



  • Hi @charlesg

    For something like that, you can try this tutorial:

    That tutorial uses the select field, but you should be able to use the post object field too. Also, please keep in mind that you need to modify WooCommerce archive page instead of the standard WordPress archive page.

    I hope this makes sense 🙂

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