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Relation to another field of another post ?

  • Hi,

    My question may sound hard, but I wanted to know if on field creation, there’s an existing way to refer to another field of a post which has already been saved in the database ?

    Actually I’ve a repeater field which enable the client to add one or more section to the page he is editing. This section field is a repeater which contains three fields (a title, an image and a text).

    I want to create a selection field (<select> element) in another post which will enable the client to choose one of the section among any page and get at least its title field. So in another term, which will return as <option> the titles of every sections that have been saved in all other pages.

    Is this possible ?
    Or can someone give me a dev’ way to manage this behavior ?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Okay the solution was actually in the documentation…

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