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Relation not loading posts 5.2.1 with WP 4.1.1

  • The relation field isn’t loading any posts. When i open the inspector it return a unexpected token <.

    I downgraded to 5.1.8, problem exist on 5.2.1 with WP 4.1.1

  • Hi @mohamed,

    Possibly, there could be a syntax error in the function you have hooked to acf/fields/relationship/query filter and that is why the relationship field is not loading any posts.

  • @mohamed, I am experiencing an issues as well since the upgrade. By any chance do you have a multilingual plugin installed? I’m using PolyLang and it definetly modifies queries.

    Let me know please.


  • @James, thank you for your tip. I will finish this project with the 1.8 version. I will try to debug it later. But i hoped the ACF had a earlier bug report of this.

    i am using WPML as multilanguage, just tested it with a WordPress installation without a multilanguage plugin, that’s seem to be working. So it’s clear what causes the problem, now we need to know which file, HA!


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