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Relation fields selection's content gets mixed when translated

  • Hi,

    Using latest ACF PRO 5.0.7 and WPML, I run into a issue with acf relation field when translated with WPML.
    I have a field group with 3 relation fields, each looking for different custom post type.
    In the default language, admin page is ok.
    After duplicate/translate the field group using WPML, all relation fields on the english page display the content of the last one.

    When I delete and recreate the english acf field, I goes back to normal.

    Any toughs ?

    Best regards,


  • Hi @leof

    Have you clicked the button to ‘Translate independently’?

    Without clicking this button, the translated page will over write the original data.

    This could explain why your relationship data is being over written

  • Hi,

    I can’t see anywhere the button ‘Translate independently’…
    I saw it on your video but in my WPML install I just have :

    Traduire Duplicata
    Anglais + []

    When I clic Duplicata, un new button [Duplicate] shows up.
    This is the one I use.

  • Hi @leof

    I believe this is the reason for the issue. Can you please contact WPML support and ask them for help to find and click the ‘Translate independently’ button?


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