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Relation field – now showing current values

  • Hello.

    I have problems with the relation field not showing its current values in admin. If i add some posts and save the right column list is empty. Even though it seems to save to the database because if i switch to the post objects field, my selected posts are selected in that box….

    Tried to rename it to different stuff with my own namespace…. and moved the field to its own field group. But no…

  • I had the same issue: ttp://

    A fix is in the works.

  • Hi guys.

    This is a current issue in 4.2.1 with post_Types that have ‘exclude_from_search’ options selected.

    A fix has been pushed to github and you can expect a full release soon.


  • Hi

    I have updated to 4.2.2 and the issue seems always present.

    Edit: Work after delete and recreate the post.

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