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  • Hello,
    i have 2 CPT, “Participant” and “Event” any participant can register to 4 events at max. So i created a related posts that connect between the two CPT, my problem is that any participant can have extra guest to come with..
    (like +1) and its can be different between each event..
    anyone solve something simillar?

  • Related posts i guess means Relationship field, if that´s, then you should take a look what you can do using acf/fields/relationship/query and acf/fields/relationship/result
    depending on the event (let´s say ID) you can make some conditional to let the max field value for events field change to 5 and let that +1 you need for that particular participant/event.
    I guess….

  • Hi @matan

    Thanks for reaching out to us. @rgdesign should be a good place to start.

    If that is not what you are looking at, kindly share more on your setup so that I may be able to advise further.

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