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Reinitialize JS ACF Object

  • Hello,

    I’m dynamically pulling in data via Datatables. In that dynamic data is an acf_form() (with post_id and keys assigned). I’m opening this acf_form() via MagnificPopup. Using their open method I call:

    acf.doAction( 'append', formContent )

    The problem I’m running into is that if I console log the acf object, is NULL, is NULL, and is off. It seems like calling append() isn’t reinitializing the acf object.

    If I inspect the form in the modal window I see that in the id="acf-form-data" that the provided Post ID is assigned properly but it’s just that the ACF JS object isn’t picking it up.

    Is there a way I can reinitialize the JS ACF Object so that it pulls the proper post_id based on a supplied form?

  • I think one issue might be that there are multiple forms on the same page. What I ended up doing was simply setting the values manually whenever the modal opens:

    acf.set( 'post_id', formContent.find( '#_acf_post_id' ) );
    acf.set( 'screen', 'acf_form' );
    acf.set( 'validate', true );
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