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Registering new user with acf

  • Hi!

    First off.. huge fan of your work. Huuuge.

    I am trying to make a user registration / profile form by acf. It works to update information for existing users, but new users do not register. Whyyyy….

    Here is the form code:

    if ( is_user_logged_in == true ) : 
        global $current_user;
        $user_id = 'user_'.$current_user->ID;
    else : $user_id = 'new';
    $args = array(
        'post_id' => $user_id,
        'field_groups' => array( 1770 )
    acf_form( $args ); 

    Here is the presave code:

    function my_pre_save_user( $post_id )
        // check if this is to be a new post
        if( $post_id != 'new' )
            return $post_id;
     //prepare basic user info
     $password = wp_hash_password($_POST['fields']['field_52de6a0b2b106']);
     $username = $_POST['fields']['field_52de69e92b104'];
     $email = $_POST['fields']['field_52de69f72b105'];
     //register user
     $user_id = wp_create_user( $username, $password, $email );
     //update other user info
     wp_update_user( array(
        	'ID' => $user_id,
            'first_name'  => $_POST['fields']['field_52de713ca3b92'],
            'last_name'  => $_POST['fields']['field_52de7149a3b93'],
            'display_name'  => $_POST['fields']['field_52de713ca3b92'] . $_POST['fields']['field_52de7149a3b93']
     //update user meta fields
    	update_user_meta($user_id, 'user_address', $_POST['fields']['field_52de6a292b108'] );
    	update_user_meta($user_id, 'user_telephone', $_POST['fields']['field_52de6a1c2b107'] );  
    // return id of the new user
    	return $user_id;
    add_filter('acf/pre_save_post' , 'my_pre_save_user' );

    I must be missing something obvious.

  • Hi @maijavilkina

    Your code looks good, so there must be a logic or syntax error in your filter.

    Can you please go through your code an debug it line by line like so:

    echo '<pre>';
    	print_r(  $password );
    echo '</pre>';

    This will display the given variable and visually prove that your data is correct and that the code runs to this line successfuly

  • Hi @maijavilkina,

    I’m not definite about this but are you sure the user’s are not being created? I only ask because I think that when using the wp_create_user() function you need to pass it the plain text password, no need to create a hash. If I am right, the user is created but instead of ‘password’ being the password it is actually the has of that: ‘Juwufbfuahduhaf209r32’.

    Also, you might want to consider using wp_insert_user() you can pass the first name, last name and display name to that which means you don’t need to create and separately update the user 🙂

    I’m not sure either of these have anything to do with your issue, but the first one might 🙂 The user should still be created though!


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