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registered field groups – appear in the WP ui?

  • i’m new to registered fields groups. A feature request has come to mind.

    As i understand there is no presently no representation in the WP ui for registered field groups (apart from the screens on which the fields are applied).

    It would be good to see them. Not so much for editing purposes, but just as a feedback cue to the user to show the fields have been registered (and to show the field ids).

    then, if people really want to hide this the lite_mode setting can turn this on or off.

    just a thought.

  • Hi @charlie

    Sorry, I don’t quite understand this request. Can you please put together some screenshots to demonstrate this easier?


  • Hi @elliot. sure thing.

    At the moment, if acffields are registered with PHP (as opposed to manually creating them), there is no way (as I understand) to see those fields in the WP admin.

    It would be good to see this. So a simplified version of your admin screen (e.g

    You wouldn’t need to be able to edit the fields through the ui, just see what has been registered and what each field’s settings are (including its unique id).

    This seems to be a useful debug tool – for confirming all the fields are being registered in WP correctly, and a nice way to check if a field’s settings are as expected (a visual representation is easier to read than the code).

    It should still be possible to hide the UI completely for those who want to do that, but for me, having the benefits of registering fields with PHP AND the benefits of a visual representation in the UI would be the best of both worlds.

    just throwing that out there.

  • just to be clear, this is what I currently see in the UI of my WP where my functions.php has the register field groups code. E.g nothing.

    (The fields appear on the relevant posts and pages so I’m assuming this is correct behaviour)? If not, then my request I can see makes absolutely no sense!

  • Hi @charlie

    Field groups which have been registered via PHP do NOT appear in the wp-admin field group list / edit screen.

    This is explained on the Export to PHP page.


  • Yep that’s what I thought. Hence my feature request to change this.

  • Hi @charlie

    Thanks mate. This will be introduced into ACF v5!


  • Plus 1 on this request. It wasn’t clear to me from the docs that the fields added via PHP wouldn’t show. I took it to mean that would only be the case if I specifically disabled the UI. Would be really helpful to have the option to show them.

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