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register_field_group() doesn't store the fields?

  • I set up all the desired field groups, exported them in PHP, and added them to a plugin (tried both the plugin_activated hook and plugins_loaded hook). I was thinking that once the plugin is activated and register_field_groups() is run, that it would add the field groups to the “Custom Fields” area of the admin where they could be further edited if desired.

    Is that not how it works? It looks like the custom fields are showing when editing a post, but they aren’t showing up in the Custom Fields Editor area.

    Is there any way to get it to store exported fields?

  • I have the same exact question. I can’t really find a good way of exporting a template for my csv file.

  • Hi guys,

    The ACF field group imported through PHP do not appear in the list of editable field groups.

    So register_field_groups() does work fine.

    You could use this tool: to recover the field and make them editable.

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