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Register Reading Time after saving post

  • Hello,

    I would like to register the reading time of a post each time a post is saved.

    I have this JS function :

    if ($('.entry-content').length > 0) {
    var txt = $('.entry-content')[0].textContent,
    			wordCount = txt.replace(/[^\w ]/g, '').split(/\s+/).length;
    		var readingTimeInMinutes = Math.floor(wordCount / 228) + 1;
    		var readingTimeAsString = readingTimeInMinutes;

    It’s working when I’m on the single.php page, but I would like this value to be displayed on the Home.php page.

    How would you proceed to
    1. select the text inside ‘.entry-content’
    2. get the reading time
    3. register it an acf field
    4. display it on the homepage ?

    I would like to execute it, each time a post is saved.

    I know I should use, but I don’t know how to pass JS values to PHP.


  • Why use JavaScript at all?

    Create a field for reading time in ACF.
    create an acf/save_post action.
    get the post content you want use to calculate, make the calculation and then use update_field() to save this value to the post.
    then you can just display this field where it needs to be shown.

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