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Register fields via php

  • Hi,
    I have version 4.4.11 of your plugin, and I try to register fields via php code.
    So I just read this docs:

    And it didn’t work. So I realize that the function acf_add_local_field_group() doesn’t exist in the plugin, no local.php file is located under the core folder.
    However, there is some other function called register_field_group() that does work. Why is that? My plugin is at it’s latest version. It is good to use the old function instead?

    Thanks in advance!

  • The documentation here is for ACF version 5 (Pro) and it appears that the documentation for V4, the free version on WP, has bee removed.

    Yes, you need to use the function register_field_group() instead of acf_add_local_field_group(). Use the export to code feature for a field group and you’ll see how it works.

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