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(Re)create Categories Widget in admin?

  • I’m looking to recreate the Categories Widget in the admin area of posts.

    I’m having a pretty hard time wrapping my head around how to solve this. I can add a text field for containing the new item, and the when wanting to add a button for the functionality to actually add the item … huh, no button?

    And there you have it … totally stuck. Are the ANY video tutorials out there anywhere that will show you how to get the most out of the PRO version that I bought?

  • Hi @blaasvaer ,

    I’m not certain I clearly understand what you are trying to achieve and also the screenshot is not available.

    Kindly explain to me more so that I may be able to advise further.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi James,

    I’m basically trying to recreate the functionality of the Categories Widget under posts – where you can tick a category or add another if needed.

    Normally I would have to get into the ACF plugin and add whatever I need in there. But the client would probably find it way to confusing.

    The client will continuously add jewellery, and in that process they should be able to add new brands as they go. So I was just trying to add a screenshot of the Category widget (used in the right side of the admin under posts).

    Does is make sense?

  • The missing screenshot.

  • Hi @blaasvaer

    Thanks for the follow up.

    That is quite tricky as you would need to implement some custom action to dynamically add items to the custom taxonomy by clicking on the add new link.

    I’m afraid that is currently not possible from the plugins API.

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