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Receive repeater field value in another page

  • Hi,

    I was creating a website for hotels and I’m stuck in a problem.

    I have 2 types of custom post type:
    – One for the hotels with different types of rooms.
    – And another with dates and prices for each room.

    The problem is… the client want to separe these two pages, because the prices change every week.

    He want to create the rooms with texts and photos only one time. But feel free to change the prices every week of the year using the same information of the hotel and room.

    And i need an option to select a hotel then show each name of the rooms inside this page to put the price for every room.

    How can i do this? I need to create a new field type or i can do it customizing relationship field?

    I did a test using the ID of the hotel in a text field, and it worked in Front-end, but i want to get the another informartations in wp-admin to be more friendly.


  • Hi,

    Did you find a solution ?


  • unfortunately no 🙁

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