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ReCaptcha form plugin returning to page error

  • On submission my page returns white screen with text:

    Validation failed

    reCAPTCHA value is invalid or expired. Please try again.

    This is after the forms captcha has a tick on it and should be returning to the page with success text. I’m using the Google API 2 keys.

    Any help would be great.

  • [SOLVED] The issue was I had both a captcha field AND the captcha toggle switch on on that specific set of field items in ACF. Think there could be a better description or implementation here as its a bit confusing that you can do both and what the use case might be there.

  • OK, turns out its still doing it. any help?!

  • Hi Benbyford,

    Can you share how to integrate ReCaptcha in ACF front-end form?

    I’ve been looking everywhere and still can’t find a reliable one.

    Thank you

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