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  • Hi,

    I’ve recently tried to install and run ACF reCAPTCHA Field, however upon install it was immediately buggy.

    I was just wondering if ACF has adding a reCaptcha field planned? I feel like this would be a really great addition for those of use using acf_form() and want to minimize form spam


  • There aren’t any plans to implement this type of field in ACF that I’m aware of. What version of ACF are you using? The add on you linked to is currently only for ACF5.

  • Hey John,

    I’m using v5.4.8.

    I figured as much, but thanks for letting me know. I might just try to take a stab at a simple math challenge or something.


  • The developer seems active, at least the plugin was just updated this month. You should probably try opening an issue on GitHub or here and let him know what the problems are.

  • @ryandorn Did you come up with a solution for this? I’d love to use reCaptcha, but looking at the rating on the plugin, they are pretty low. :-/

  • Hi, author of the plugin here. Sorry for picking this up only so late, but rest assured that all problems have been resolved already. I was away for a good part of last year, which explains the lack of support during that time. I apologise for that, and feel free to use the plugin, I’m still maintaining it!

    If it serves you well do give it a positive review on the WordPress plugin directory! 🙂

  • This would be inclusion to ACF

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