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readonly and required conditions

  • The current field groups and fields got just option to Show/(not show) field based on some conditions.
    It would be great, if there would be also a possibility to setup fields as readonly/writtable and required/not-required based on the same conditions.
    E.g. i want some fields to be viewable by everyone, but editable only by administrators. Or I want some field to be required only for some taxonomy.
    It is possible to do it now, but it would mean copying all the fields and e.g. give one option to show to everyone except admin, but readonly. And to copy to show only admin, and make it writable.
    It would not be difficult to place it in the ACF screen, simply where there is a sentence “Show this field if”, would be another select box “[Show] this field if”, and this select box would have options Show,Hide,Make read only,Allow edit, Make required / Make optional. If there would be the same settings in the field group and field, then field would have precedence (so you can make all readonly, but one item writable).

  • Thanks for the feature request, I will see what I can do about bringing this to the developer’s attention. I know that he’s been thinking about extending the conditional login a bit so maybe this is something he will want to work in.

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