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Re-Run 6.2.5 fields test?

  • So, I’m working to update my templates that could be impacted by the new sanitization for the_field(). However, after making changes I notice the warnings are still displayed in the admin.

    Are the warnings still accurate, or is there a way to re-run the test?

  • Since this is new it is unlikely that another user can help you. I suggest contacting the devs or opening a ticking on your account.

  • Thanks, John I’ll do that!

  • Hi,

    did you get an answer yet? I would like to know, I have the same question,

    thank you,


  • Yes, I did get some more info on this. Dismissing the admin notice will clear out the log. But the notice will keep coming back if there are fields that will be escaped due to the update.

    I’ve changed several templates to use:

    echo get_field('field_name');

    The notice still shows up. I’m guessing that ACF isn’t necessarily looking for this code at the template level, just the contents of the field.

  • Hi, thank you! But I do think that ACF is looking for this code at the template level. I thought I changed everything, but I still got the notice after dismissing it. Then I realised that I also had some templates (from the Ajax Load More plug-in) which are stored outside the themes folder (in the uploads folder). When I changed them, the notice didn’t came back. Didn’t change the content of any fields.

  • Thanks! Maybe I’m doing something wrong? It seems like the fixes I implement on templates don’t impact the notices. But I also tried opting into the HTML escaping using this snippet:

    add_filter( 'acf/the_field/escape_html_optin', '__return_true' );

    And everything seemed to work correctly on the front end.

  • Maybe use:

    echo wp_kses_post( get_field(‘field_name’) );

    instead of

    echo get_field(‘field_name’);

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