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Random Repeater by SubField value

  • I’m trying to fetch ONE random row of testimonials, however that row must contain a “true” value for sitewide_display subfield.

    I can’t for the life of me get this to work, this just gives me whatever result it feels like upon refresh.

    Is there some sort of conflict with using the conditional for the sub-field value (sitewide_display) within the while loop like this?

    <?php $rows = get_field('testimonials' ); // get all the rows ?>
    	<?php if( $rows ) : // if there are rows, continue?>  
    		 <?php while( has_sub_field('testimonials') ) : ?>	 
    		 	<?php if( get_sub_field('sitewide_display')): ?> 
    				<?php $rand_row = $rows[ array_rand( $rows ) ]; // get the first row ?>
    				<?php  $rand_row_testimonial_name = $rand_row['testimonial_name' ]; // get the sub field value  ?>
    				<?php echo $rand_row_testimonial_name; ?>            
                <?php endif; ?> 
    	<?php endwhile; ?>
    <?php endif; ?>
  • I’ve solved the issue with the following, if there is a more efficient method let me know!

    $lists = get_field( 'testimonials' );
    if( $lists ){
    	foreach( $lists as $list ){
    		if( $list['site-wide_display'] &&  $i < 1){
    		    echo $list['testimonial'];
    			echo $list['testimonial_name'];
    			$i +=1;
  • Will be using this myself, but like you if it could be improved I’d love to know.


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