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Random heights on WYSIWYG in Flex Content Layouts

  • I’m using flexible content, and within a few of my layouts, and I’ve been having some inconsistency in the overall height of the editor.

    There are times I can work with the content on the page without issue, but there are times when I expand a block and the WYSIWYG editing area is about 10 times what the default height should be. I can recreate this about 50% of the time by updating the page then expanding a block with a WYSIWYG.

    I’m currently using ACF Pro 5.1.6 with WP 4.1, and I do not have any other plugins active. I set twentyfifteen as my theme and am able to recreate it, and I do not see any errors being generated when I check my browser console.

    Has anyone encountered this problem? Or is this a bug that is either being looked at, or gone unnoticed until now?

  • Hi @troychaplin

    I am afraid I cannot replicate this issue from my end.

    If this was a bug then it must have been fixed, it is advisable to try a different browser or update to the latest version since this issue might also pop up if you are using an outdated browser.

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