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Random and limited fields from parent page

  • Hi.

    I have a code that works ok, but i want to limited it to 4 rows only and in random order:

    $parentpost_id = wp_get_post_parent_id( $post_ID );
    if( have_rows('list_products', $parentpost_id) ):
    	while ( have_rows('list_products', $parentpost_id) ) : the_row();
    		$product = get_sub_field('product', false, false);
    		$photo = get_sub_field('obrazek');
    		echo '<a class="product" href="' . get_the_permalink($product) . '"><img src="' . $photo['sizes']['thumbnail'] . '"><h4>' . get_the_title($product) . '</h4></a>';

    photo = image object
    product = post object

    I was trying foreach loop etc buy with ‘wp_get_post_parent_id’ nothing works. Can you help me?

  • I’m not sure what you’re having a problem with, getting the post parent or showing the random list. So let’s start with the first one.

    Where is the value for $post_ID coming from in this statement?

    $parentpost_id = wp_get_post_parent_id( $post_ID );
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