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Radio option "Save other" not saving

  • Hi,

    sadly if I use repeator and inside of a repeat I use Radio option with “Save other” there will be no saved values…
    Nethere in same post nor new post.

  • Hi @jirih,

    I am not quite sure what the problem is here. Can you please elaborate?

  • Hi @jirih

    Just to clarify, are you saying that when you use the ‘save other’ setting on the radio button field (within a repeater field), the ‘other’ option is not saving?

    Thanks for the bug report. I’ll do some testing and let you know what I find.

  • Hi,

    yes that’s exactly what grinds my gears.
    Thanks, Please look at it ASAP, I’m about to release a new real estate premium theme and this is only problem I have.



  • Well it has been almost two weeks, so where is the answer?

  • Hi @jirih

    Thanks for the follow up. I’ve done some testing and discovered that this is a current limitation of a sub field.

    Unfortunately, the ‘save option’ won’t work on a sub field.

    This, however, will be solved in ACF5 (soon to be released) as it uses a bunch better data structure for saving sub fields.


  • Hi,

    thanks for your reply.


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