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Radio Buttons & Groups Not Saving State

  • On our custom post type, any ACF Radio Button or Button Group is not saving its state.

    For example, we have a Button Group with two choices, A or B. If the user selects one and saves the form, the data is saved. But, when the user goes back in to edit that form, the states of those choices are null (all choices are un-selected). Updating the form now saves those button values as null.

    I should note that we do have “allow null” but need that to be the case.

  • @zuggle did you solve this I have the same problem.

  • I did not, sorry 🙁 We ended up using multi-select lists instead.

  • I am not seeing this on any of my sites. The first place you should look is a plugin of theme conflict by trying to deactivate other plugins or switch themes.

    Another thing that could cause this is another field of the same name on the same edit page. This could be another ACF field or a field from another plugin.

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