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Radio Buttons auto population

  • I am building a large form, and I have several radio buttons throughout. When I create a new post, most of the radio buttons are already selected, even though they are NOT required fields.

    I can not find any information on why this might be happening, it seems that this is not a common issue – That or no one else seems to mind. I need these fields to remain empty until the user selects a choice because the user may not select some or all of the radio button. The user should not have to select an answer, has anyone had any experience with these fields auto populating?

  • Just to elaborate on my problem, I have tried removing all other plugins, switching themes, and removing all scripts. As of right now, I have a clean wp install with ACF and a couple of additional plugins (that I removed, and re-added after finding they weren’t conflicting). I’ve spent several days building out custom profile pages, and if I can’t find a solution for this radio button issue, I may just have to throw in the towel and start over. I really don’t want to do that. Hopefully, there is someone out there that can help out.


  • I’m having this same problem.

    Some details:

    WP 3.9.1
    ACF: 4.38

    Radio Field, Not Required, “Other” Option enabled.

    The first option is always selected when creating a new post, and I would prefer to have this blank. Am switching to a “Select” until we have a solution, but will loose the “other” option functionality.

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