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Quick and easy request – WYSIWYG text editor size

  • The font size in the main Text editor in WordPress is 13px.

    If a WYSIWYG field is added, the font size in the Text editor is 14px, making it look a bit out of place on the page.

    Can the ACF field be updated to 13px to main the core WP styling?

  • What version of ACF are we talking about?

  • It’s been like this a long time, but tested with 5.4.4.

  • Please open a new support ticket for this.

    I can see what you’re talking about. All of the input fields for ACF are set to the same font size and this matches the font size of some of the other input fields in WP, for example the tag input box, while other WP input fields are a different size. Then if you go to the description textarea on the category add page it is 14.

    I think that WP is inconsistent it is sizing where ACF is more consistent across all field types. I think that if the developer started doing this that he would have to alter font sizes for every field based on the page to match the inconsistent WP font sizes used all over the WP admin, and then need to keep up whenever WP decided it was time to make one of the fields consistent with others or decide to start changing them back again.

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