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Question with user field

  • Hello everyone.

    I have create a field for Admin user to update the status of the register user’s application.

    What happen is I am having issue to display the result on the front-end of the page. I have look up the forum and find the code <?php the_field('application_result', 'user_1'); ?>, but this code only display the data for user 1 and everyone else with the page URL can see it.

    I have also try <?php the_field('application_result', $user); ?> but still not working.

    So, my question is, what should I do if I only want to display the result, and only themselves can see the result when they enter the page?

    Hope it all make sense.


  • I have figure it out.

    If anyone looking for same solution, <?php $user_ID = get_current_user_id(); the_field('application_result', 'user_'. $user_ID ); ?>

    Thank you,


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