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Question regarding Import/Export

  • We have a mirror site for development, and a live site. Changes have been made – both new fields and changes to existing ones. If we export from the test site, what is the proper way to import on the live site? (keep in mind some fields will already exist, though they are outdated) Will deleting all existing fields and then just importing them all from the test site work? Will importing all from the test site replace pre-existing ones, therefore applying our updates?

    We need to know for certain that this isn’t going to break things before I do anything because we are making changes while the site is live. (I know, not the best thing to do but we are)

  • Importing, or updating a field group or changing a field will have no effect on any data that is saved to those fields on posts, or wherever they are saved. That data will still be there. If you have changed a fields properties then the values in those fields may or may not continue to work depending on the changes that were made.

    It’s hard to say what will continue to work and what won’t, it really depends on what the field is, how the value is stored and what is done with the value for display.

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