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Querying repeater field from a relationship field

  • I have a “featured post” block on my home page. This block should contain a title and an image.

    In the home page ACF rules, I am using a relationship field to choose the post to be used as the “featured post”. In the post ACF rules, there is a repeater field which holds images and the text associated to each image.

    Once I’ve chosen the post, I want to be able to pick up one image from the repeater field and I’m clueless how to do it. Any tips?


  • Hi @rrikesh

    I’m afraid that you need to set the featured image on the post, instead on the home page.

    You can also create an image field on the homepage and add the image from there. Keep in mind that it will show all of the images you have on your website.

    I hope this helps.

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