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Querying Pages for Location/Rules section

  • Hey guys,

    For some reason I wasn’t able to select proper page while I was settings up Location Rules for Fields Group. I had 3 pages, and the list returned me 2 correct and one Empty page.

    I’ve jumped into the code and found a place where issue cased.
    File: “/api/api-helpers.php”
    Function: “acf_get_posts”
    This piece:

    		// sort into hierachial order!
    		// this will fail if a search has taken place because parents wont exist
    		if( is_post_type_hierarchical($post_type) && empty($args['s'])) {
    			// vars
    			$match_id = $this_posts[ 0 ]->ID;
    			$offset = 0;
    			$length = count($this_posts);
    			// reset $this_posts
    			$this_posts = array();
    			// get all posts
    			$all_args = array_merge($args, array(
    				'posts_per_page'	=> -1,
    				'paged'				=> 0,
    				'post_type'			=> $post_type
    			$all_posts = get_posts( $all_args );
    			// loop over posts and find $i
    			foreach( $all_posts as $offset => $p ) {
    				if( $p->ID == $match_id ) {
    			// order posts
    			$all_posts = get_page_children( 0, $all_posts );
    			for( $i = $offset; $i < ($offset + $length); $i++ ) {
    				$this_posts[] = acf_extract_var( $all_posts, $i);

    The $offset value after “// loop over posts and find $i” was 1.
    And because of this loop “for( $i = $offset; $i < ($offset + $length); $i++ )” the last array item for $this_posts was definitely empty, since it was looping out of the array boundaries.

    Not sure what is that piece for and why such a loop exist there.. it can work only if $offset is 0, otherwise it will exceed the number of elements.

    Anyways, I’ve changed the loop to “for( $i = 0; $i < $length; $i++ ) {” and it works fine now.

    Can you check that part please? I’d love to be sure that the same issue won’t arise after plugin update.


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