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Query Sorting By Taxonomy Name Pulled From Subfield

  • Been bashing away at this for hours with no joy.

    I have a set of custom fields in a repeater on posts in the “episodes” category.

    I’m trying to do a query that outputs those custom fields and sorts them alphabetically by the name of the “episode_canon_show” custom field which uses the post_tag taxonomy.

    The output is no problem but I can’t get the sorting to take hold. I’ve scoured the forums but I didn’t see anything that matched what I am doing. Thank you!

  • Are you trying to order the posts by the field?

    or are you just trying to order the repeater by that sub field?

    Doing either is not possible without a lot of work, but the work is different depending on which you are attempting to do.

  • Thanks for the follow up @hube2. I was trying to order the posts by that field (basically I big list of the shows in that taxonomy). I ended up using a javascript table sorter to adjust the output after ACF was done with it. I couldn’t figure it out and if YOU are saying it’s a lot of work then 100% I’d never figure it out — I’m just a code scavenger. 🙂 Thanks.

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