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Query relationship

  • Hi…this is my first post. (..excuse for my englidh 😀 )
    Go…this is my situation :
    I have a newspaper with 10 articles for each issue !
    I create 10 categories for each articles type!
    I create a custom post type called Issue number…Issue 1…issue 2..with some parameters!
    In the normal post (articles),I create a custom field -field type: relationship- and now in a post I can to select the issue number.
    I want to create a page where I can to see a listing of issue number

    Issue 1
    Issue 2
    Issue 3

    Issue X

    and when I click open a new page where I find all articles of Issue X.

    Help me please ! Thanks!



  • Thanks James…I solved the problem !

    You must obviously change according to your needs!


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