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Query relationship without id

  • Hello,

    i’m getting crazy.

    i have different CPT ( hotel, markes, city, etc… )

    My relationship field is used to link those CPT to cities.

    Now in a page ( hotel page ) i want to link “other hotels in same city”.

    how can i make my query ? I know how to do a query by ID with the ID of actual page, but what i need is :

    $city = get_field(‘contact_city’);
    $query = display all hotels with contact_city as $city

    But i didn’t find any solution.

  • If only 1 value in relation field :

    $city_id = $bnb_ville[0]->ID;
    if it could be more than 1 value :

    $city_id = [];
    foreach ($var as $post) {
    $city_id[] = $post->ID;
    $bnb_ville is the variable for get_field() !

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