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Query posts by fields on related post

  • Hi,

    I do have a custom post type where each post has a relationship field. In that field you can select a user profile. On each user profile page I do have several custom fields. For example radio buttons (red, blue, green)

    Post A <–> User A (radio buttons)
    Post B <–> User B (radio buttons)

    Now I want to query posts depending on the settings made on the related user profile page. For example: Query all posts where the related user has chosen “blue”.

    Is this somehow possible?

    At the moment I am the following code to get the related user profile fields:

    $linked_profile = get_field('linked_profile');
    $user_ID = $linked_profile['ID'];
    $color = get_field('select-color', 'user_'. $user_ID);

    Thank you very much for your help!

  • There is not mechanism in WP that will allow you to query posts based on the meta values of a related post. To query posts all values must be associated with the posts you want to query.

    This means that you need to
    – create an acf/save_post hook that
    – gets the relationship field
    – gets the values for the fields on the related post
    – saves those values to the post currently being saved

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