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Query data based on taxonomy

  • I am not sure if I am posting in the right place as this is the first time I have used ACF and the forum. Move the post if you need to.

    The setup:
    I have a list of consultants that are representatives (Reps) for various territories in the US. I have already set up a basic custom form that entails the following:

    Name (page title)

    I Have about 20 pages of states already built and I am able to query the correct Reps to show on each of the state pages respectively.

    All works fine but the issue is with Territory in which I have a few Reps that has 3 different territories. They are: Indiana, Tennessee and Ohio. I don’t want to list all three states at once or as one single output. I want it to display accordingly so if I land on /indiana/ page, it will just show the Territory of ‘Indiana’. If on a /tennessee/ page, it should show just the ‘Tennessee’ text, and so forth.

    I hope I am making sense. I did look into ‘True/False field but I don’t know if I am doing it right as I have never done it before. I don’t mind doing the work but if there is a good tutorial that can teach how I can make happen, that would be great.

    Thank you.

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