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Query all ACF fields used on a post

  • Hey,

    I’m wondering if there’s anyway to query what ACF fields are being used on a specific post/page from theme templates? Basically what I’m getting at is if, instead of having to know what fields to call in the template, I could simply access all the ACF fields on a given page.

    I understand that I can do this by simply querying post meta fields, but this excludes all the lovely logic ACF has built on top.

    In practice, this would enable ACF to be used as a lot more flexible site building tool – one template file, multiple front-end layouts. The Flexible Content Field does somewhat enable this, but it clutters the back end (from my end-users point of view) with extra fields – not every page requires every ACF field in the edit screen.

    Again, this could be done with multiple FCF fields with location rules, but again, there’s unnecessary repetition.

    Does this make any sense to anyone else?

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