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qTranslate: Duplicate Field Group title

  • Hi,

    I’m using ACF with qTranslate and bumped into a UI problem. I’m setting up a metabox to display/organize my custom fields. The problem is that the metabox title on the Edit Page/Post screen is duplicated.

    I can see that everytime I save my Field Group on ACF, the title is automatically reformatted with qTranslate’s tags, e.g. “Background images” on save will become “<!--:en-->Background images<!--:--><!--:id-->Background images<!--:-->“. So when displayed on the Edit Page/Post screen, the metabox title echos the whole string (with the tags cleared): “Background imagesBackground images“.

    Can somebody kindly assist on how to either:
    1. Prevent qTranslate from automatically reformatting Field Group titles, or
    2. Filter $acf['title'] so it displays correctly on the Edit Page/Post screen, or
    3. Practically any other solution that can return the correct string.

    Not unlike any of us, I do prefer a filter/action snippet that can be put into the functions.php as opposed to modifying core plugin files if possible.


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