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Put Google map marker in a jpeg map

  • howdy folks… thanks for this great plugin..
    is it possible to get the lan and lat of google map marker and convert it to an absolute top and left values for a custom marker in a jpeg map…
    the idea is creating a repeater in user panel and in each repeater there’s a google map field with other fields, so to create a marker in the jpeg map image, i’ll get the lan and lat from the field and place the marker in the map…
    image example
    i got the lan and lat. but ofcourse they don’t position in the perfect spot…
    appreciate it…

  • Hi @samfisher

    I’m afraid that is hard to achieve. You need to know the exact scale of the map image and do the complex calculation to get the pixel values. For something like that, I suggest you ask to the Google map community.


  • @James… thanks for your reply.
    is there any alternative plugin that can solve this issue
    I’ll ask google map community.

  • Hi @samfisher

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    I do not have any particular plugin that may help in that task.

    I hope someone from the google map community will be able to help.

    Good luck

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